Linksave Medical Gap Cover

Insurance that closes the gap between medical aid cover and medical costs.


Medical aid bills not fully covered?
Linksave may solve those shortfalls by paying the difference between what medical aid covers, and the charges levied by specialists and hospitals.

Give medical
aid shortfalls
the boot.


How we fill the gap

Tariff gaps

We will cover the difference of what a surgeon charges for a procedure and what your medical scheme will pay, up to an additional 5 x the medical scheme’s tariff. E.g. if your medical schemes tariff rate is R1,000 and the doctor charges R6,000, we will pay the R5,000 balance.

Co-Payments / deductions

We cover co-payments, which is the portion of the healthcare service cost that your medical scheme requires you to pay towards a procedure (e.g. a gastroscopy or an MRI scan) or for an admission to hospital.


We cover sub-limits, which medical aid options often place on defined procedures and events (e.g. internal prosthetics).

Cancer treatment

Most schemes today will fund a limited amount towards chemotherapy, radiation and cancer biological drugs. Once you have reached this amount, you will be required to pay a portion towards the cost of the treatment. We provide an additional amount to assist with shortfalls on these treatments.

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Linksave provides a range of gap cover options to make
sure a medical crisis doesn’t become a financial crisis.

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