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No, LINKSAVE Gap cover is a short term insurance product that falls under the Accident and Health Policy of the Short Term Insurance Act No. 53 of 1998.

No. Shortfalls on consultations and treatment are only covered by your LINKSAVE Gap cover policy during admission into a hospital ward.

No. Primarily, shortfalls created by specialist charges for in-hospital procedures are covered by your policy within certain limits (as defined in your policy document). Generally, out-of-hospital procedures, day-today consultations and related shortfalls are not covered.

Should your unmarried child turn 21 and be a full-time student, he/she will continue to enjoy cover under your policy until the age of 25 or on completion of studies, whichever event comes first. Should he/she not be a full-time student at age 21, they will be able to apply for ADDITIONAL ADULT DEPENDENT rates after 01/03/2016.

You are required to provide LINKSAVE with 30-days written notice of intention to cancel your policy.

Yes, the LINKSAVE policy will provide you with cover for the difference between a minimum of 100% of scheme tariff (paid by your medical aid), to maximum 500% of the medical scheme's health rate.

No, only co-payments or deductibles levied by your medical scheme are covered under this policy. Where no payment at all is made by your medical scheme for a particular procedure, there will be no benefit due under this policy.

Yes, amongst the benefits on your policy is a 6-month medical aid premium assist up to a limited amount, as well as a 6-month Gap premium waiver on the life of the principal member. You will therefore enjoy full benefits of your policy as long as you remain on a medical aid scheme and you notify Linksave of the change of principal member and the required death certificate. Where the principal member on the gap cover has suffered total & permanent disability, the same benefits will apply.

As your medical scheme has listed this procedure as having limited cover, Linksave will provide an additional amount per annum to assist you with this shortfall, in terms of this policy benefit.

You are required to provide LINKSAVE with a Change of Banking Details form as soon as possible, which you can fax or email to LINKSAVE.

Yes, you may continue to enjoy the benefits of your LINKSAVE Gap cover policy in your individual capacity. Complete and submit a Continuation form within 60 days of resignation from your employer. Kindly enquire about the terms and conditions that apply to a Continuation.

Should you or anyone of your dependants have ever suffered from or been treated for any form of cancer in the past, that dependant will have a 12 month cancer remission exclusion applied under this policy benefit. The exclusion period will be calculated from the official documented date on the treating physician’s letter of remission bearing the member’s details.

No, there is a 12-month pre-existing condition exclusion applied to your policy, which will exclude any procedure performed in the first 12 months of your policy, should you have received treatment or advice from a doctor for the same or similar ailment in a 12 month period prior to applying for cover with LINKSAVE.

No, there is a 12-month exclusion that is applied to all pre-existing conditions, including hospitalisation due to pregnancy and/or childbirth. This will apply to your policy from date of entry.

No, a 3-month general waiting period applies to all new policies for all procedures except hospital admissions as a result of an accident.

No, there is a 12-month pre-existing condition exclusion applied to your policy from inception. No claim will be entertained for any procedure that is related to treatment or advice received by you or your dependants in the 12 months prior to the policy inception date.

Yes, there are currently certain exclusions and they are contained in the Master Policy document. Please ensure that you take note of them all.

No, only shortfalls on in-hospital dentistry will be covered, subject to certain limitations as contained in your LINKSAVE policy document. Any/all other dental work will be for your own account.

No, in terms of the policy document adult dependants will currently be required to apply for their own policy however, from March 2016 reduced rates for additional adult dependents will be offered to existing Comprehensive Gap policy holders.

No, in order to qualify for a gap cover policy you are required to be a member of a registered medical aid scheme.

Yes you may. As of 01 April 2017, Linksave now have senior rates on all our products offerings for new clients 75 years and older.

No, as LINKSAVE Gap cover is a short-term insurance policy, any claims need to be intimated after the event. You will be liable to settle any shortfalls with your service providers upfront and claim back from your policy benefits thereafter.

LINKSAVE requires written advice by means of a Gap Claim form within 6 months of admission to hospital.

In the event that LINKSAVE receives all required documentation upfront, they will endeavour to reimburse you within fourteen working days

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